Thursday, May 3, 2012

Travel Itinerary :)

May 16            Portland / San Francisco   (7:00A 8:52A)
May 16            San Francisco / Beijing   (12:02P 3:15P) +1 day
May 17                 Tuesday              
Arrive in Beijing at 3:15PM from San Francisco (12:02PM / 3:15PM)
May 18                 Friday                                                  Beijing  
                       Great Wall and Hutong Lane.
May 19                 Saturday                                              Beijing
Orientation at the hotel meeting room
Half day tour of Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City after group lunch
May 20                 Sunday                                                
Beijing/Shanghai flight (11:30AM / 1:40PM)
May 21                 Monday                                               Shanghai
                      9:30AM – Go to Shanghai Social Welfare Center to sign the papers and then meet Jude!
May 22                 Tuesday                                               Shanghai
                      Morning – Adoption registration and notarization
May 23                 Wednesday                                       Shanghai
Free day
May 24                 Thursday                                             Shanghai
Free day
May 25                 Friday                                                  
Transfer to airport Shanghai / Guangzhou flight (2:30PM/4:50PM)                                                                                           
May 26                 Saturday                                              Guangzhou  
                                  Visa paperwork check and Medical check    
May 27                 Sunday                                                 Guangzhou  
                                  Free day  
May 28                 Monday                                               Guangzhou  
                                  TB result check in medical clinic  
May 29                 Tuesday                                               Guangzhou  
                                 Visa appointment and Oath taking ceremony  
May 30                 Wednesday                                      
                                  Visa pick up  
Transfer to Hong Kong                                                                                                   Hong Kong  
May 31                 Thursday
                                Transfer to the airport   Hong Kong/San Francisco (11:30AM / 8:25AM
                                May/31 Hong Kong / San Francisco  (11:30A 8:25A)
                       May/31 San Francisco / Portland (10:39A 12:28P)


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